So, what is marketing consulting?

Marketing consulting is a set of consulting services to promote, improve business efficiency and find ways to outperform competitors in their niche.
Let's take a closer look at what's on the Aiguva list of services!

7 components of effective marketing

We highlight the following key aspects of marketing advice:


Clearly defined marketing and sales management system.


Detailed marketing planning.


Ğ¡arrying out marketing research and activities.


Optimization of business processes, sales channels, etc.


Introduction of a more efficient pricing system.


Analysis of competitors, search for their strengths and weaknesses.


Searching for optimal ways of the company's development and promotion with the existing budget.

In addition, we are ready to provide you with services in the field of management consulting, HR consulting, etc. But Aiguva's core business is marketing.

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The Aiguva team is a team of specialists united by one idea: to make marketing more effective. And it can only be this way if the approach is individual and attention is paid to every detail. That's why we work with every client in a holistic manner.

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We're not looking for templates...

we're analyzing your company, your competitors, the overall market situation in your niche. And only after that we pass to the main thing - search of ways of increase of efficiency of your business and their implementation.

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to find out what offers we have for you. And very soon we will find a way to outperform our competitors in every respect - from advertising promotion to sales and profit. Everything is in your hands only.

The main thing is to make the first step!

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